Academic Research

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Published & Forthcoming Academic Papers

“Outside Insiders: Does Access to Information Prior to an IPO Generate a Trading Advantage After the IPO?”, with Umit Ozmel (Purdue University) and M. Deniz Yavuz (Purdue University), Forthcoming at Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis

– Presented at 2016 WFA and other conferences

“Cost of Capital Techniques Used by Chinese Firms: A Survey of Practice.” with Kamal Haddad (San Diego State University), forthcoming at Quarterly Journal of Finance and Accounting

Works in Progress

“The Effect of Inter-firm Ties on Performance in Financial Markets.” with Umit Ozmel (Purdue University), M. Deniz Yavuz (Purdue University), and Ranjay Gulati (Harvard Business School), 2nd Round Revise and Resubmit at Organization Science

“Early Indicators of Fundraising Success by Venture Capital Firms.” with Henry Lahr (Open University, United Kingdom), Revise and Resubmit at Journal of Corporate Finance

“It’s All Relative: The Effects of Political Connections on Firms.” (single-author)

“Investor Horizon and Managerial Pay Horizon.” with Haim Kassa (Miami University) and T. Colin Campbell (University of Cincinnati)

“Factoring In Leverage: How Leverage and CAPM Lead To Asset Pricing Factors.” with Michael F. Ferguson (University of Cincinnati) and Babak Lotfaliei (San Diego State University)

“Corporate Governance During the Building of the Transcontinental Railroad.”(single-author)

Also, I have several other projects that are in their initial stages.

Updated 10/2018